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Legally enforced truth period at the end of a relationship

Simply a recorded meeting held after a relationship has disintegrated where each partner can ask for the truth behind any suspicions they held concerning the other. Their ex-partner then legally has to disclose the full truth, or face some kind of penalty (banned from relationships for a certain period maybe?) The idea is to help people reach 'closure' and allow them to move on. Unworkable, yes - bad concept, hmm? not sure.
-- pawnpusher, Jul 15 2001

Or just use these http://www.halfbake...l_20truth_20coupons
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]

This could be a good gameshow...
Oh, wait, it's called Jerry Springer
-- AfroAssault, Jul 16 2001

Too much government involvement in my life already, thanks.
-- cheeselikesubstance, Jul 16 2001

I wouldn't mind having done this, at the end of my last relationship. One caveat, though: each of our disclosures would have presented to a panel of our previous ex-partners, who could have then discussed and criticized the content of those disclosures.

This way, I'd have better understood that I'd spent four years of my life with a serial diary-snooper and revenge artist. And he'd have seen that he was the only person I'd cheated on, ever, in a romantic career that had to that point revealed only my mild reluctance to commit. We'd each have learned something, and we'd probably have mourned less in the year or so following the split.

I'm for it. Save the thousands you'd have spent on therapy, and spend one lousy afternoon with the person you used to love, in the company of all your combined baggage. It'll hurt like hell, but when it's over, it will be OVER.
-- 1percent, Jul 16 2001

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