Product: Toy: Pogo Stick
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Pogo a go go

A tall hefty pogo stick with a large surround footplate, handlebars, sound system attachment and a baby walker skirt.

The internal pogo rod is divided into two sections, a screw pumping shaft drive system connected to a lower vertical sprung winding bottom with a rubber foot.

Once you climb onto the Disco Stick's footplate, the attached large baby walker skirt with three jointed legs and wheels will stabilize and keep you in balance.

Place the Found Sound Helmet upon your head and insert the adjoining jack lead from the helmet into the control socket on the Disco Stick.

The left side of the handlebar has the volume throttle whilst the right has the XXX bass throttle.Turn on the helmet and let your desired track rip through the internal speaker system within the helmet. Grip the handlebars and start to dance and bounce about on the footplate to the music.

As you dance or pogo the upper rod is winding up the lower sprung bottom.The more you dance the more the spring gets wound until climaxed with the result of springing the whole stick into the air, with one big bounce.Start dancing again and get to that big bounce once more.

The attached baby walker will/should support the return to ground.With practice and fixing last Xmas's fairy lights to the walker legs, may fun ensue.(I would choose The Ramones "Sheena is a punk rocker" as a first choice to place within the helmet)
-- skinflaps, Jan 06 2005

Baby walker http://www.babywalk..._Baby_Walkers_1.jpg
Remove baby,re-engineer, supersize and attach Disco Stick. [skinflaps, Jan 06 2005]

wow skinflaps - this is revolutionary! i'm thinking 'can't touch this' by mc hammer in the helmet or anything to make the wearer feel as ridiculous as possible. nice one +
-- benfrost, Jan 06 2005

Doing this neked may skin your flaps.
-- FarmerJohn, Jan 06 2005

If this has a drink holder on the handlebars, I'm in cause I like to drink and dance at the same time.
-- mensmaximus, Jan 06 2005

Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh. Still wiping the laugh-tears from my eyes.
-- Machiavelli, Jan 06 2005

Get several going at once and have linejump dancing contests.
-- skinflaps, Jan 07 2005

Would security guards have to be equipped with shotguns and hockey sticks to take down disco sticks gone haywire?
-- proto13, Jan 07 2005

Just "wow". "Wow".
-- Mustardface, Jan 09 2005

Once you've danced enough to completely wind the spring, a pushbutton in the handlebar could trigger the "big bounce."
-- robinism, Jan 09 2005

Semi-Baked. Just watch a Lady Gaga music video.

"I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"
-- kewldude471, Jun 03 2009

//Semi-Baked. Just watch a Lady Gaga music video.//

Yeah,four years later.
-- skinflaps, Feb 09 2011

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