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Dishwashing Liquid Bottle with Bubble Dispenser   (+11)  [vote for, against]

One of life's little pleasures is when you squeeze some dishwashing liquid out of the bottle (when hand-washing dishes) and a flurry of tiny soap bubbles come out with it, and float above the sink for a while.

So naturally, I want to take the magic out of this event by adding a second nozzle to the detergent bottles, one which specifically captures a film of soap, and a button on the side of the bottle which forces air through the nozzle and creates tiny soap bubbles any time you want them.

This would make washing dishes more fun as a kids' chore and more fun for adults who get stuck doing it, too. And, as releasing bubbles will deplete the product slightly more quickly, the product is both fun to use and profitable to manufacture.
-- phundug, Sep 02 2007

Solid dishwasher tablets have already been invented. Don't they take care of this problem?
-- kinemojo, Sep 02 2007

This looks like a little transatlantic confusion.

What Americans mean when they say dishwashing liquid is plain old 'manual' washing-up liquid; the kind we're used to using to keep our hands as soft as our face. I don't think [phundung] is talking about dishwashing machine additive.

In Britain, the word Dishwasher means the machine, and dishwashing liquid, therefore, is its detergent. An ex girlfriend of mine fell for this language discrepancy when she, I ,and a load of other mates had rented a house in Mount Baker, Washington state to go snowboarding for the week. It was the last day and my girlfriend was runnning the dishwasher in the last hours before we packed-up to go on to Whistler. She added a good dollop of 'dishwashing liquid' from the bottle beneath the sink.

Let me tell you - There was no want of extra bubble-dispensing techniques that day. The suds emerged, slowly at first around the door of the machine. Steadily they crept across the floor like a B-movie baddie. We kept thinking that surely they'd stop soon. I mean, how much can there be?

We worked hard to clean up that kitchen.
-- theNakedApiarist, Sep 03 2007

A very handy attachment +
-- xenzag, Sep 03 2007

Thank you, [TheNaked], for "cleaning" this up. I do mean the soap dispenser that you use for MANUALLY washing dishes.
-- phundug, Sep 03 2007

I always thought it was very odd that water can slosh and spray around inside a dishwasher or a laundry machine without leaking, but add bubble soaps and it comes out the sides, bottom, wherever. can someone pls explain this to me. thx.
-- dentworth, Sep 03 2007

I know what you mean [dentworth]. It's not as if streams of 'bubble' came shooting out under tremendous pressure.

The image of that dishwasher with a beard of bubbles will stick with me for ever. It looked like naff BBC special effects from the seventies. It looked like an episode of 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em'. Unbelieveable, and unrealistic, like cars that go 'bang!' and all the doors fall off.
-- theNakedApiarist, Sep 04 2007

i would like a bubble dispenser as i finished those last few dishes in the sink, and if it could play a little melody every time i pressed it, even better. (why should kids have all the fun?) +
-- k_sra, Sep 04 2007

k_sra: try putting some washing-up liquid in your kettle; that will make a bubble dispenser to put the average dishwasher to shame.
-- DrCurry, Sep 04 2007

ah, yes, i remember the retelling of that one... almost as good as putting a cube of beef bullion in the shower head.
-- k_sra, Sep 04 2007

This is great for me. Bonusly-great because my current dishwashing liquid smells like apples (fiance's idea, not mine, but I've been known to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to get a good whiff of the stuff).
-- shapu, Sep 04 2007

//almost as good as putting a cube of beef bullion in the shower head//

What happens if you put beef bullion in the shower head? Well, other than the person coming out smelling like stew.
-- bleh, Sep 06 2007

yeah, that's kind of the whole thing. eau de stew. it's a college thing really. i don't think anyone past 25 would bother with the prank.
-- k_sra, Sep 06 2007

Someone in my freshman dorm filled all of the shower heads (mens and womens, 10 floors with 4 showers each) with blue kool-aid.

Never found out who did it, but we were collectively known as the smurf dorm for the rest of the year.
-- shapu, Sep 06 2007

//very odd that water can slosh and spray around inside a dishwasher or a laundry machine without leaking, but add bubble soaps and it comes out//

The reason is that many points on the dishwasher are not watertight, nor are they mean to be. They rely instead on the fact that water can drain freely downward - just as it does on a tiled roof or [most] car boots. When you add bubbles, the foam can be pushed and squeezed through the gaps rather than draining down the usual channels.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2007

//yeah, that's kind of the whole thing.//

Well thats disappointing. I was hoping for something magical like beef flavored bubbles.
-- bleh, Sep 06 2007

yes. weren't we all.
-- k_sra, Sep 06 2007

When we were kids, I was on a vacation with some cousins who put dishwashing liquid in the fountain of a fancy hotel we were staying at!! (Bubbles everywhere!)
-- xandram, Jan 23 2014

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