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Computer: Database
Distributed Alpha-wave Database   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Real time personality matching, with logistic regression and failure analysis.

So, you put on your biofeedback rig and you're deeply settled into your meditation when the disembodied voice of the Distributed Alpha-wave Database management system (DAD) announces, "At your current rate of distraction, your meditation will fail in less than 30 seconds. The database archives show your persisting patterns are unsustainable beyond 35 seconds at the 3rd sigma."

The DAD could suggest alternate meditative inducing stimuli, in the vein of search engine suggestions. The bottom line, though, is: if your choice is to succeed or to waste a minute, should you even waste your time?
-- reensure, Mar 15 2005

A lot of care would have to be taken to make sure that the voice didn't jar you out of your meditative state. Perhaps an even better idea would be direct biofeedback, used to somehow "feel" when you are falling out of the state. This way your brain might eventually learn something like the balancing act we do when standing: Being able to feel when we are off-balance and correct ourselves.
-- Psudomorph, Feb 27 2007

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