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All your documents are belong to us

If you're working in an old-school building with offices and desks, and not a cube with tailored fittings, it's happened to you before.

The stack of documents on your desk builds to a towering crescendo, and the one or several on top whoosh down behind the desk, necessitating a trip under the desk [if you're lucky, and there's access], or worse.

But if you've installed DocumNets, the patented Media Safety Device, there's not room for the evasive document to go far enough to be out of sight of the desktop.

[With thanks to RayfordSteele for his inspirational anno in the idea linked below]
-- normzone, Nov 18 2004

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[normzone, Nov 18 2004]

words can't describe how bad of an idea this is....might as well have a special net for everytime your pencil rolls off your desk too....
-- thefullrob, Mar 10 2005

[thefullrob].. erm.. I quite liked it, this happens quite often. if you can't say something constructive, say nothing

P.S. Pencilnet, there's an idea.
-- neilp, Mar 10 2005

He's only miffed because I referred to him a [freaking new-writer] on his idea [No More Swears], which anno he promptly deleted and went to see which idea of mine disgusted him the most.

No offense taken, [thefullrob]. I extend the halfbaked olive branch loaf of peace towards you, in the hopes that you'll accept.

Thanks, [neilp].
-- normzone, Mar 10 2005

I keyboarded the word " documnets " again today and remembered this idea.
-- normzone, Apr 30 2014

History repeats itself - I'm currently engaged to ride herd on some folks with three hundred plus documents to update, and I typed documnets and thought of this.
-- normzone, May 16 2019

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