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Doggy Lick Meat Spray Mop   (+12, -2)  [vote for, against]
Sparking floors with no effort!

Wagster Industries presents the new Doggy Lick Meat Spray Mop - clean floors in no time at all! Simply spray our special meat based aerosol over your entire vinyl, wood or tile floor and then sit back with a beer as your dog carefully licks all the meaty yumminess off every square inch of your floor. Brings it up like a new pin!

No need to starve your dog! Dogs don't understand the meaning of not eating, so they're always hungry.

No effort! Just spray and watch.

Healthy! Nutrients in the spray keep his coat nice and glossy.

Now clean your carpets! The new Pussycat Lick Meat Spray Carpet Cleaner from Wagster Industries infuses your carpets with a rich beef and rabbit aroma. Watch as the world's best groomers delicately lick your carpets back to their original colour. Even teases the fluff back into your pile!
-- wagster, Apr 22 2007

Cat's Tongue The_20Cat_27s_20Tongue
used in conjunction with this - it's a winner + [xenzag, Apr 22 2007]

Send me one can of each please! (+) Oh and some of that beer you mentioned too!
-- FussyPedant, Apr 22 2007

-- DrCurry, Apr 22 2007

PussyLick Meat Spray Carpet Cleaner would be a better name.
-- nuclear hobo, Apr 23 2007

Pussy in the title - gets my vote
-- DenholmRicshaw, Apr 23 2007

By carefully controlling the colours of Pussycat Lick Meat Spray Carpet Cleaner treated carpet you let your cat clean, you can determine the colour of the carpet-based furball your cat will later cough up.
-- hippo, Apr 23 2007

+ and can we just get a bit of wax on his tongue to shine it up, too?
-- xandram, Apr 23 2007

Carp cleaner, just add a inch of water to the floor and let the carp wriggle around and clean at the same time.
-- skinflaps, Apr 23 2007

Strange notion, that a surface licked by a dog would be anywhere near clean. Could be used as an annoyance/torture aid though.
-- placid_turmoil, Apr 23 2007

Do ducks have tongues? I only ask because my lavvy needs cleaning...
-- calum, Apr 23 2007

I'm not sure [calum], but they certainly have the necks for the job.
-- theleopard, Apr 23 2007

A swan would of course be the ideal beast for lavatory cleansing duties.
-- zen_tom, Apr 23 2007

or a platypus.
-- skinflaps, Apr 23 2007

Dogs make fairly efficient toilet cleaners too. Some don't even need and incentive.
-- wagster, Apr 23 2007

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