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Guess that URL!

It comes in a box, with cards that give the names of well-known web sites. I.E.,,,,, whatever. Names that look like they'd be easy to draw. Of course, the rights to these pages would have to be set up ahead of time... that's the tough part. But they might welcome some advertising.

It's like regular pictionary, but with a twist. I dunno. I thought I'd give it a shot. Maybe it could be played over the Internet and people could email each other the Paintbrush-made images they've been drawing. Hmmm.
-- polartomato, Jul 06 2002

Online Pictionary
I think this might make the perfect online format for your game [mighty_cheese, Jul 06 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bible Pictionary
That's right, step right up! Win this game, get a free Bible Pictionary board game! (I don't endorse this...) [polartomato, Jul 07 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I have to say that while I think this game would be hard as hell (draw!?) I like the idea a lot. I'm drawing one croissant for you.
-- mighty_cheese, Jul 06 2002

(draws wavy lines...)
"Um.. waves... sound?"
(draws pointier wavy lines)
"Uh... water? Ocean? What's"
(shakes head, accentuates wavy lines)
(nods enthusiastically, draws criss cross lines)
"Um.. sea squares? Sea Huh? What is that?"
(draws more criss cross lines. draws wavy grid)
"Uh... grid? Sea grid? Is that a net? Sea net? What?"
(nods enthusiastically, taps paper with pen)
"Sea OH!!"
-- waugsqueke, Jul 06 2002

(draws cube shape)
"Box... square..."
(draws puddle around cube shape, draws teardrop shapes on cube)
"Um... what, it's melting? Ice?"
(nods enthusiastically, draws ball shape, draws motion lines behind ball shape)
"Ice... ball? Ice Ice Huh?"
(draws stick figure in front of ball shape, draws arrow from ball shape to stick figure's raised hands)
"Catch? Ice" (nods enthusiastically, taps paper with pen)
"Ice catch? Huh? What is that... oh, isketch!!"
-- waugsqueke, Jul 06 2002

Excellently done, waugs.
-- mighty_cheese, Jul 06 2002

Now this is just plain silliness.

I like it. :)
-- Aurora, Jul 10 2002

no, please don't
-- duefangler, Sep 29 2002

This a gem, particularly the [Waugsqueke] scenario.
-- bristolz, Sep 29 2002

Nice - I think it's the way most "creatives" come up with logos too.
-- liamdelahunty, Mar 01 2003

Oh, I disagree with that [liamdelahunty] unless you are only referring to those creatives that have double quotes about them.

<I wish I could remember what the "[waugsqueke] scenario" was.>
-- bristolz, Mar 01 2003

bristolz - Yeah, creatives in italicised quotes, with lashings of scorn poured on. The type who spend four days rationalising the work, charge thousands of pounds/dollars/euros and still only have had the same idea as your second-cousins teenage dog...
-- liamdelahunty, Mar 03 2003

MSN netmeeting has a shared whiteboard that could come in handy
-- Parvenu, Mar 03 2003

How about that... I just rediscovered this one, and I see that the 'waugsqueke scenario' has been restored to its original home by last fall's rebuild.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 11 2005

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