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Food: Cookie
Dot Matrix Cookie Cutter   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]

Quite simply a bed of pins that can be individually extended down based on a pattern from the built in computer.

Once the shape is dialed in, a press of a button extends the outline.

After cutting out your cookie a second press of the button retracts the pins and the perfect shape falls on the baking sheet.

You could even write things on the cookies, like a mid-day reminder to pick up more cookie making ingredients....
-- Giblet, Feb 18 2005

These systems could run DRM to make sure no one is cutting Oreo or Pepperidge Farms knockoffs.

Conceivably, simple mechanical versions could be made using a cam or swash arrangement with a dial on the back of the cookie cutter to change pin arrangements and cookie shapes.

(Why isn't "cooky" the singular?)
-- bristolz, Feb 18 2005

Cooky is a kooky spelling of cookie.
-- Giblet, Feb 18 2005

What shape would the pins be and how would they be moved? magnets? individual arms? air pressure? electrical current?

What would the resolution be? Would i get 300 dpi cookies? How would the mechanism be cleaned, and what about clogging?
-- Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

Round pins, and a low power magnetic system with a ZIF socket style locking mechanism could work, and if the bed of pins was able to seperate it could be washed.

Just like printers, I'm sure the DPI will increase as the technology is developed.
-- Giblet, Feb 18 2005

I had one of these before I upgraded. My laser cookie cutter bakes while it's cutting.
-- Worldgineer, Feb 18 2005

Whereas my plasma arc version just tends to leave a smoking mess. Not got it set up quite right yet.
-- david_scothern, Feb 19 2005

The HP Sprinkle-Jet would be a good addition.
-- Giblet, Feb 20 2005

is this a hand-held model? would the counter-top USB model be bigger than a breadbox? wouldn't dough always get jammed? there could be a hopper for dough, which is fed between adjustable rollers for consistency. then the rollers pass the dough sheets under the pins. out pop perforated dough sheets. just pick up the excelsior and throw it back in the top.
-- changokun, Feb 22 2005

Hand held, with a USB cradle for design transfer and charging.

The pin mechanism can be seperated from the electronic portion of the device.

Dishwasher safe.
-- Giblet, Feb 22 2005

-- missingdonuts, Feb 22 2005

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