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Double-Sided Play Rug   (+13)  [vote for, against]
A rug that pleases your eye and your sense of fun.

A double sided rug, made especially for a child's playroom. One side is stylish, and the other is made for playing on (a map, or whatever).

When Junior is playing, the recreational side is up, but when the room gets tidied up it can be flipped over so the stylish side can impress people.

For safety, the recreational side has raised rubber bumps, so that when the stylish side is up it won't slide around.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 17 2010

double sided rugs http://www.google.c...m=3&ved=0CCUQrQQwAg
not the same thing [mouseposture, Feb 17 2010]

rugs- the play is the stylish part http://www.shopgrea...m=product_list&c=53
[dentworth, Feb 18 2010]

//made especially for a child's playroom// awwwwww? I want one.

-- FlyingToaster, Feb 17 2010

Yes! Yes indeedy.+
-- blissmiss, Feb 17 2010

I was so certain that I had already posted this idea that I searched three times over. It's (a workshop variation) in my note book.... and obviously never posted. I naturally approve.
-- xenzag, Feb 17 2010

okay so why isn't there double-sided rugs ?
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 17 2010

[FlyingToaster] There is (link). Not as interesting as this idea, though.
-- mouseposture, Feb 17 2010

//okay so why isn't there double-sided rugs?//

Because the dirt from the top side gets filtered down to the bottom. And when you lift this up as part of a normal cleaning you find all of the dirt that has collected underneath.
-- Jscotty, Feb 18 2010

[+] I like.

I would also recommend sewing a piece of thin cord into a sleeve around the edge, with part of the cord exposed (visible on the "play" side). In an emergency (unscheduled guests + messy room), toys can be piled onto the playrug and the string pulled tight, turning the rug into a bag, after which it can be tossed in the closet.
-- goldbb, Feb 23 2010

I would buy it. [+]
-- swimswim, Nov 03 2011

I have to worry about [Jscotty]'s housekeeping abilities...

hah, as if I can talk.

Polly - go into production straight away.
-- po, Nov 03 2011

I would also recommend a string as goldbb has except it would need a rapid snare action. It could then be used for quickly catching/rounding up problem children.
-- vfrackis, Nov 03 2011

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