Sport: Skating
Downhill Couples Figure Skating   (+4)  [vote for, against]
A skating event even men can enjoy watching.

Equipment and compulsory skill requirements are identical to standard couples figure skating. The rink however is replaced by a downhill ice sheet like those found in speed skiing venues.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

are men compelled (by law or something) to compete in figure skating?
-- po, Nov 27 2006

sorry [po] Ive edited my summary.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

The next Winter Olympics won't be held until 2010 in Vancouver. Until then it's difficult to get worked up about any kind of figure skating in any configuration.
-- jurist, Nov 28 2006

I hope they have to skate up as well.
-- po, Nov 28 2006

Jurist, they still practice between the current date and 2010.
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 28 2006

Just saying...
-- jurist, Nov 28 2006

That wont stop them from broadcasting all the figure skating championships, exhibitions and competitions in the mean time.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006

Instead of a ramp, why not a halfpipe?
-- bungston, Nov 28 2006

A couple's halfpipe competition... I like it...
-- MoreCowbell, Nov 28 2006

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