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Culture: Superhero: D-F
Dr. Do Little   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
No, I'm _not_ Procrastination Man

As a supervillian, Dr. Do Little completely fails to strike fear in the hearts of men.

His idea of robbing a bank consists of snatching the purse or wallet of the last person in line. When he shows up to destroy downtown Metropolis, the extent of his rampage is a tipped over trash can. His bids at world domination amount to a few postage due letters sent to local councilmen.
-- phoenix, Feb 20 2002

...and lazy boy!
-- mihali, Feb 20 2002

Is Dr. Do Little related to legendary clown video game hero Mr. Do? Can Dr. Do Little kill monsters by dropping giant apples on their heads?
-- pottedstu, Feb 20 2002

role models for underachievers everywhere!
-- rbl, Feb 20 2002

is that a Thai lazy boy mihali?
-- mcscotland, Feb 20 2002

-- mihali, Feb 20 2002

push-me-pull-you boy - "Did you speak to me Dr.?"
-- po, Feb 20 2002

Where some live by the sword, Dr. Do Little lives by the Ax of Evil.
-- reensure, Feb 20 2002

Baked. Wally in Dilbert. Or should he be Mediocre Man?
-- CoolerKing, Feb 20 2002

[blissmiss] Anything is possible. Er, he doesn't live too far away, does he?

[reensure] The Doctor considered buying an ax once, but settled for a Swiss Army knife.
-- phoenix, Feb 20 2002

From the title I thought we had here a medical supervillian, Dr Do Little and his nursing assistant Charge Alot. Does nothing for his patients but lighten their wallets. Hmm... sounds familiar, somehow.
-- jetckalz, Feb 21 2002

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