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Similar to HB, annotate sketches in overlay fashon

Post a design. In line art form or other graphic mode. Annotation to the design is done on screen via a graphics editor, and when the annotation is activated it overlays the draft design by way of transparency.

The original is restored, or saved, in its root file, so the original idea is conserved.
-- reensure, Jan 06 2001

(?) Done with Dreamweaver
About how it should appear [reensure, Jan 06 2001]

(?) A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools http://www.parc.xer...enses/Taxonomy.html
Xerox did a lot of research on see-through interfaces in the mid-90ies; this is just one of many papers. [jutta, Jan 06 2001]

Interesting. How would navigation work? With text annotations, they're confined to a particular area, and sequenced by time; graphical annotations are not so constrained.
-- egnor, Jan 06 2001

Dunno. Push? Pull? Shrink Wrap? Some type of table-based page within a style sheet, I guess
-- reensure, Jan 06 2001

That's a lot to digest--thanks, jutta, for coming through 10TTF/16TTR (that's 10 to the front, 16 to the rear) fashion. Great way to involve both hands in the design process.
-- reensure, Jan 08 2001

So much promising UI research (transparent UI, browser history diagrams, ...) seems to fall completely by the wayside. I wonder if that's because they turn out to be bad ideas for nonobvious reasons, or because the technology transfer process in the HCI field is particularly poor.
-- egnor, Jan 08 2001

Redlines for the internet?
-- popbottle, Dec 16 2015

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