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For the anti-business lunch

There are three types of restaurant. The cheap and cheerful, which does not have any pretentions to class and the food and staff reflect this. This is best represented by pubs that serve food or your local indian/chinese/italian.

The second restaurants which try and be more high-brow, translating items on the menu pointlessly into other languages, people expected to know what everything is and which particular wine goes with which meal. They are even sometime rude to customers who do not know the right fork to use.

The best restaurants are expensive because the staff are trained to allow you sit down and relax. They will be friendly, greating and chatting as long as they are sure the chat is welcome. If they overhear that it is someones birthday they will wish them a happy birthday, but only when they are at the table for a reason, such as replacing the wine (which they will bring over unopened and ask if you would like another bottle before opening it). Most people think this sort of place is stuck-up but infact it is closer to the cheap and cheerful type of restaurant. The only problem is the dress code which gives everyone the impression of being overly snobbish.

Finally the idea;

A resaurant which has the quality of food (which also means the price tag) of a high quality restaurant and staff that know about the food and the wines but with a dress-down dress code. No suits or stiff collars, dresses or gowns. This would hopefully stop business eaters from clogging up this haven of peace with corporate diners and give a new image to high quality dining. An image that is obtainable.
-- miasere, Jun 12 2006

(??) North End http://www.commerci...503_1146773,00.html
Yeah not so good [miasere, Jun 15 2006]

I certainly like the thought behind the idea. I can't think of any examples, but this must surely be implemented somewhere.

On your 3rd category, some family members of mine were meeting distant relatives at the (top quality) Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. It's the hotel that the 2005 G8 meeting was held at...

So the group are sitting down to lunch and this one family member is feeling a little intimidated by the grandure and 'stuffiness' of the surroundings. He's also busy wondering what the football score is - he'd sacrificed the opportunity to watch an important game for this and makes a comment to his wife... then one of the waitresses comes over with a fresh jug of water, leans over, smiles and quietly says: "Sir, one might be interested to know that the Rangers are beating Celtic 3-0". She gives a look of, what he later describes, solidarity and then retires from the table.
-- Jinbish, Jun 12 2006

-- skinflaps, Jun 12 2006

A gastopub?
-- kinemojo, Jun 12 2006

Most gastro pubs dont have the quality of service or food as a top class restaurant. I know they do good food but not exceptional food.
-- miasere, Jun 12 2006

"I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to remove your jacket and tie."
-- st3f, Jun 12 2006

Well, I would like this so +, but I don't know if the restaurants would like to 'betray' their own images of being posh or whatever.

One time when in Palm Springs, CA. and looking a little road weary from days of traveling, we went into a small, but (evidently) exclusive restaurant for some lunch. The hostess looked at us like we were some scurvy dogs and sat us at a table as far into the back of the place as she could find!

'road weary' as meaning t-shirts and jeans.
-- xandram, Jun 12 2006

That would fall into the second catagory then. A really nice restaurant would never let anyone pass judgment on a customer, unless he was rude of course. If you are rude they become very stuck up towards you.
-- miasere, Jun 12 2006

Maybe a restaurant of the best kind could introduce something akin to a casual friday.

BTW, I also like "casual" behaviour in waitresses/ers, like the time in a very good and very expensive japanese restaurant the chinese waitress slapped my wife on the shoulder and said "hey, wannanother drink?"
-- zeno, Jun 12 2006

Oh, and + for the idea
-- zeno, Jun 12 2006

"The North End" Memphis TN.
-- James Newton, Jun 12 2006

Widely known to exist. You just have to look.
-- squeak, Jun 14 2006

Always good to see.

[james], just searched for the North End. Sounds nice. Ive linked it for those you cant be bothered to search.

[squeak], If you know of a retaurant like this please let me know.
-- miasere, Jun 15 2006

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