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Drip-proof Oil Bottle   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
An oil bottle that does not create a mess by making the oil run down its side.

Simple as it is, I have not come across one oil bottle that does not create a pool of oil at its place. There are a few with spouts but they too create a mess. I think the problem is that the bottles are hydrophobic or lipophilic, so the oil spreads on them. How about they make the spouts from hyrophilic substance so it repels the oil. If that fails, how about making double spout with the second one having an absorbing cotton in it? May be ugly and more expensive, but how much I am fed up with slippery floors should be enough to justify it.
-- xkuntay, Feb 13 2009

Lipophobic might not be something for the Pecuniaphilic http://www.scienced...4e686cc17dce15152a0
[loonquawl, Feb 13 2009]

how about sitting the bottle of oil into a styrofoam tray. The oil sticks them together and since the tray is very light it won't come unglued when you pick the bottle up. (Also known as "Why I Don't Have Veggie Oil Stains On The Counter Anymore")
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 13 2009

Switch to lard. Doesn't drip anywhere and is much more natural than most commercially produced vegetable oils. Not to mention the far superior taste.
-- vincevincevince, Feb 13 2009

Are we talking about kitchen oil here, or other oils? Assuming we're talking about kitchen oil, (and refusing to respond to the above lard comments, next you'll be recommending superfry, or some olester nightmare) - I've never had an issue with oil seepage. First you need to learn to pour the oil much like you'd pour wine - ie with a 1/2 turn flourish at the end so stop spillage. A well designed bottle mouth will vastly reduce leakage as well.

Lastly, why not use an o-ring seal on a lid that overlaps the spout? That way you can't get any seepage once the lid is on.
-- Custardguts, Feb 13 2009

how about using a spout designed like the ones for laundry detergent the cup like lid doubles as a measuring cup. I dont think I have had one of those spill yet unless I overfilled the cup of course.
-- Spaceman Spiff, Feb 13 2009

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