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I mean why not.

You could take anything, add drive-thru and call it an idea. Drive-thru smoke shop, drive-thru window at DMV. Just like that. But video stores seem primed for drive-thru service. Cut a hole in the wall, put a couple big movie menus out, advertise, and they'd probably get additional customers. Of course they may lose some pop impulse sales.
-- miggavin, Mar 07 2006

Baked http://www.videobus...articleid=CA6269329
[DrCurry, Mar 07 2006]

(??) Drive through mall. http://www.suntimes...s/images/day4_3.jpg
You have to be on a mission from God. [egbert, Mar 07 2006]

The drivethru would have to snake around between aisle of new releases of junk, then through the martial arts section, then more new junk, then...

Those in longer cars have to back and fill, traffic backs up...
-- normzone, Mar 07 2006

drive-thru liquor store.
-- hidden truths, Mar 07 2006

That would be great except for the possibility that one day I will be behind some schmuck who keeps asking for movies that don't exist on DVD yet.
-- Jscotty, Mar 07 2006

//Drive-thru Blockbuster Video - I mean why not?//

Because BlockBuster is rubbish.
-- zen_tom, Mar 07 2006

//drive-thru liquor store.//

Baked here until recently - Im really not sure how it worked.

// You could choose the films over the internet, print out your film shopping list and take it to the Blockbuster drive through. They scan it and you pay for the films on the spot, then drive home and use the payment receipt unlocking code to watch the movies online.// why bother driving all the way to the video store to pay? Why not pay by credit card, and save yourself the time and gas? And why would you be willing to drive all the way to the store to pay, yet not willing to spend an extra 15 seconds getting the movie - and save yourself some bandwidth.
-- andrew1, Jun 25 2007

Gr: "a couple OF big movie...."
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2007

Join Amazon's dvd rental set-up. Much easier.
-- Murdoch, Jun 26 2007

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