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Vehicle: Car: Communication: Gesture
Drivers sign language   (+6, -2)  [vote for, against]
A standardized sign language for drivers that extends the currently understood gestures.

Most of us know the common driving signs (left arm extended = left turn, left arm crooked up at elbow = right turn {yes, for American, left-handed-steering autos}, etc.) How about: 1)Arm out, fist horizontal, thumb protruding. Now waggle thumb up and down by rotating wrist = your turn signal is on. 2)Arm out, fist clenched. Now repeatedly open fingers and reclench fist = your lights (or high beams) are on. 3)Point at road, then hold hand flat, palm down = your tire is going flat. 4)Finger (fore) pointed up and rotating = police up ahead (for traffic going the other way)

Passing a driving sign language test would be required prior to issuance of a license.
-- phoenix, Jun 14 2001

Good idea, no need for added gadgets to your car.
-- human411, Aug 09 2001

[UnaBubba] The problem with the existing sign language is that it (for the most part) consists of only one word, and it's not one generally used in polite company!
-- mwburden, Aug 09 2001

I do those and more - including applause when a dolt in front of me 'finally' moves.
-- thumbwax, Aug 10 2001

I prefer the "ironic thumbs-up."

As in, "Hey you are a cool guy because you tail-gated me for 20 minutes before you finally decided to pass me on the windiest part of the road. Good work."
-- Op, Aug 10 2001

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