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Because if Hypnos had meant pillows to stick to our faces, he would have made them adhesive.

I have a confession to make. It's not a pleasant one, and may well interfere with my status as the Halfbakery's indisputed [at time of writing] "Top Dream Bed Partner", but it must be revealed for the sake of this idea:

I drool in my sleep.

Most of the time this isn't too big a problem, so the trusty 'peel and flip' technique is relatively effective. On occasions, however, I produce litres of the stuff. For example, when I get a sore throat it becomes difficult to swallow, so my sleeping body tends to just let it all dribble out. A sopping pillow doth not a happy bed make.

My idea is to make pillowcases following the same principle as those nappies which claim (and I, perhaps naïvely, believe) to keep moisture out of contact with the skin. This would allow the drooly sleeper to have a nighttime of dribbly dreams, and wake up in the morning to find their cheek resting on a still-dry pillow.
-- -alx, May 20 2002

Finally, a reason to eat silica gel! Simply fill your mouth with it before bed for a drool-free night.
-- brewmaster, May 20 2002

Erm, um, yeah, ah . . . so do I. I award one absorbent croissant from my stash under the pillow.
-- bristolz, May 20 2002

\\Halfbakery's indisputed [at time of writing] "Top Dream Bed Partner\\
Not in my book bud.
-- IvanIdea, May 20 2002

what are you dreaming about to cause all this excessive wetness? is it alum that dries the mouth?
-- po, May 20 2002

Undisputably in dispute.
-- bristolz, May 20 2002

After reading the rest of the idea, I understood why I couldn't remember writing the first paragraph.
Yours drooly,
-- thumbwax, May 20 2002

If you want to avoid drooling in your sleep, you can have my plumbing, and it can drip while you're awake.
-- pottedstu, May 20 2002

Once, on a Greyhound trip halfway across the U.S. back in the 70s, I purchased a drool away pillow. Only it didn't absorb drool. It was a plastic inflatable pillow from a bus station vending machine. Because of the moisture of one's skin, it would adhere nicely to one's face after only a few minutes of laying on it. It wasn't very comfortable, but you COULD drool on it.
-- mrthingy, May 20 2002

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