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The drunk brain never lies

I think windows should be able to detect the presence of alcohol, and deliver your emails unedited when under the influence.

For example, I sent my boss an email tonight which originally read:

"Dear Boss, your constant whingeing serves to illustrate the fact that I have always believed. That you have no brain, and are, in fact, a complete shithead, in every sense of the word. I spit on your wish list, and wipe my arse on the cutting edge of your ideas, which are as blunt as a banana which has been squashed. You are the epitome of bad taste, bad design, and you smell. Often."

What I sent read:

"Hi Boss. Great Meeting, regards JN"

I think the original cut it better...
-- Skybird, Oct 11 2001

-- sdm, Oct 11 2001

You've had a bad day, haven't you Skybird? Perhaps it should just hold all e-mails for 24 hours so you can have a reasonable cooling down period. Then just choose the one that you really, really want to send. But make sure you've got another job all lined up!
-- DrBob, Oct 11 2001

Microsoft Breathalizer 2.0...
-- phoenix, Oct 12 2001

If you can still write, you obviously haven't drunk enough.
-- Guy Fox, Oct 12 2001

RT, do you think that could have anything to do with your previously posted unfamiliarity with the Shift+4 character?
-- daruma, Oct 12 2001

Oh no, I assure you thats a common thing daruma ;)
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 12 2001

I never think of work once I'm out the office*. I want something that'll stop me sending drunk text messages to my mates promising to buy people meals or arranging nights out that I immediately forget about. Although a couple of weeks ago I did send one of my friends a really passive-aggressively stroppy message about loads of stuff I'd never say in sober life, and got a massive apology, so I can see the benefit of this. You just need something to remind you of any commitments you've made while inebriated, so you can act swiftly to quell them.

*and not that often when I'm in the office.
-- pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

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