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Dry-erase CD labels   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Dry-erase surfaces for CD-RW's

The problem with CD-RWs is that you can't label them with a marker if you're ever going to reuse them. I propose that a dry-erase surface be used on CD-RWs so that the label can be erased and re-written over and over, whenever the disc is used for a different purpose.
-- -----, Aug 29 2007

Let the burner do the writing [kbecker, Sep 03 2007]

Ohmigod. I said to myself "this has got to be baked, and baked to death", but I can't find any dry erase cd labels anywhere. I still suspect that they're done, but can't prove it.

Only drawback I see is smearing the ink while spinning. I've done this once or twice with something I labeled and then burned. Still, that's not insurmountable. [+]
-- Noexit, Aug 29 2007

Wouldn't Lightscribe [link] do this for you without even a pen?
-- kbecker, Sep 03 2007

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