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Dual glass ticket-free window tint   (0)  [vote for, against]
2 sets of glass and window raising mechanisms

For anyone that has ever wanted dark window tint but the law in your area says you cannot have dark tint.

Two sets of wndows and window mechanisms allows you to have one window that is clear glass and one window that is limousine black window tint.

Ideally it would be great to have this on all your windows.. but many auto designs may prevent this.. at the very least it could be used on the side windows. and if cars were designed to accomodate them it could be used on all windows.

Another benefit, and an excuse to make the system legal, would be to protect your cars interior from sunlight rather than being forced to use those cloth devices with reflective foil to reflect the sunlight out of your car when parked.
-- Leotardo Da Vinci, May 31 2004

Light-valve Glass http://www.smartgla...hicle_products.html
Entering the market in many derivative products. [dpsyplc, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Electronic Privacy Glass http://www.agpgroup...switchableglass.htm
[jurist, Oct 04 2004]

I take it you're not from Southern California?

Besides... you can see out just fine... people just can't see in. It doesn't have to be limo tint either.. just as dark as you want.

In this day and age it seems we almost live in our cars. Sometimes when you park your car it is nice to have some privacy. But sometimes you don't want tinted windows either. This system allows for both and does it fairly cheaply.

Personally, I not only live in Southern California... but I have a large SUV and I was thinking this would be a nice system if you were going camping in it or when you are parked at a rest stop or sometimes you are just out and about and eat lunch or dinner in the car. This would provide some privacy in those situation.

Also, I don't think the majority of people that use limousines are in the mafia. That doesn't mean they don't like the windows tinted.

Also, just because you are in the mafia... that doesn't mean you ALWAYS need your windows tinted! Sometimes you might want to let the sun shine in! Or wave to your neighbor! :D
-- Leotardo Da Vinci, May 31 2004

I don't see how you can do this for your front and rear window, but for the side windows it should work nicely.

I don't think a permanently dark rear window will be a problem anywhere as long as you have two side mirrors (otherwise most truckers would be in trouble). That leaves the windshield as a problem zone. Perhaps a second set of wipers could pull up a screen.
-- kbecker, Jun 01 2004

It *could* work for the front and rear windows... it would just limit the shape and angle of the windows. But yeah... for a lot of examples this wouldn't work in the front and/or back. But for my vehicle, it would work very easily for all but the front window.
-- Leotardo Da Vinci, Jun 01 2004

While I haven't personally seen it used in automotive applications, electronic privacy glass (link) is available. If your main concern was for privacy or UV protection inside the vehicle when parked, this would seem like a good product alternative to dark tinted windows because it could become totally transparent with the touch of a toggle button for normal driving circumstances. On the other hand, it's total obscurity when unactivated would probably bar it from use on windshields in case of accidental power loss or an unfortunately bumped switch, literally causing the motorist to "drive blind".
-- jurist, Jun 01 2004

The problem with that stuff is that it requires power to operate.

And it would be very dangerous because you can't see through it... where as a tint.. is just a tint. Seeing out isn't a problem.

Cost could be a problem too.

There is glass that can change tint also... but again I think it is cost prohibitive. As well as the power problems.

Very cool product though! Thanks for the link! :)
-- Leotardo Da Vinci, Jun 01 2004

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