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The good-times breakfast eatery with a catchy gimmick

The entire business plan is based around one theme: Every day/week (i havent decided which unit of measurement is best yet) 2 donuts go tete-a-tete in a sales war. Whichever type of donut sells the most in the day/week is declared the winner and can be had for 1/2 price the following day/week. Of course, there will have to be some type of tournament at the end of the year to elect a "World Champion Donut." We would need some creative bakers to come up with high-calibre donut ideas and some smart marketing to get the idiots (i meant customers) to get involved and become loyal to us. The possibilities are endless. I can see people getting all caught up in the game, standing in front of the Duelin' Donuts Restaurant holding up signs and yelling at people entering: "you better buy donut X, the other donut has a yeast infection!" And, naturally, a parade and lots of rioting when the World Champ is crowned.
-- darth_smoothies, Jan 31 2001

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Controversy sells. (Except that here, winning is its own reward; no lower prices or world championships involved.) [jutta, Jan 31 2001]

Every time I eat a pack of M&M's, I hold a competition between every member of the bag. First, all M&M's are segregated into groups by color. They compete against their own kind, one on one, rated on symmetry, color quality, shell intactness, and 'm' quality. The winner moves onto the next round, the loser is eaten. Once there is only one of every color remaining, we start the inter-league play, again one on one until I have the champion M&M from the pack. (since regular M&M's are fairly uniform all around, this is much more exciting when using Peanut M&M's)

Statistics: Browns are usually the winner, they usually outnumber the other colors (so there is more chance of getting a good one) and the dark color really makes the 'm' stand out. Yellow has the hardest time, only won once in all my competitions
-- blahginger, Jan 31 2001, last modified Feb 01 2001

naturally you would need an experimental group of consumers to test new products and rate them against each other so you could classify each donut into a weight class, so to speak. I hadnt even thought that far ahead waugs, but thats an excellent point.

Controversy does sell. If its shoved in peoples' faces long and hard enough...
-- darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

Mmmm. Donuts are good. But there definetly needs to be a class system, because there's some you just can't compare. Long john vs Eclair. Kind of like Hick Boy from up North vs Lady from Paris. Ah, I amuse myself, even if no one else.
-- DreamGoddess, Feb 01 2001

Well, I'm slightly disappointed. I had hoped that this was going to be a description of two heavily armoured combatants on horses riding full pelt towards each other, who when they meet attempt to unseat each other using only a large ring donut with white icing and hundreds-and-thousands.

Ah well, guess I'll have to wait for someone else to come up with that.
-- mark_t, Feb 01 2001

This is a great promotional idea. Just make sure that the donuts are fresh!
-- Vance, Feb 08 2001

They should begin implementing weight training programs in donut highs.. don't want any flabby, wussy ones getting into the ring.

Another question... do the donuts have to wear little trunks when they fight? Personally, a sweaty donut wearing grey trunks just isn't as appealing to me. Lets go greek and have the donuts fight bare.
-- ElDonut, Feb 12 2001

For maximum entertainment value, I think that a day/week is too long a time period. Hold the event over a single hour. Every shop could sound off an air-raid siren to signal the start of the competition
-- DrBob, May 16 2002

Very cool! lol
-- Bohemianqueen, May 16 2002

"For maximum entertainment value ... Hold the event over a single hour. "

I don't think you'd capture the interest of very many patrons if it is only an hour long. There is little to promote and not much suspense. Over a week, or even a month seems better.
-- bristolz, May 16 2002

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