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Product: Musical Instrument: String
Dulcimer-Guitar   (0)  [vote for, against]
Improve the popularity of the Dulcimer by mass producing Dulcimer/Guitar hybrids so that kids think its cool

Currently, Mountian Dulcimers are confined to churches and hokey-folkey music that would make the youth of today run a mile in their wide trousers. But, if the following idea is implemented, the Mountain Dulcimer (in the guise of the Dulcimer-Guitar) will become one of the coolest instruments this side of a mosh pit.

The Mountain Dulcimer is played whilst sitting down, something which is seen as absolutley dull by the popular music front. The way to solve this problem is to have the Dulcimer played in a standing possition. In order for this to happen, a few changes must be made:

A strap stud must be added to either end of the Dulcimer

The bottom section of the sound box must be removed, or partially removed, so that the fret board can be reached

A guitar style head must be fitted as standard

The soundholes must be in the style of "Slipknot" S's, and other apparently 'cool' things, instead of the current doves and hearts

Electric as standard

Once the Dulcimer-Guitar has been created, modern music can then be tabulated for the Dulcimer-Guitar, and Dulcimer-Guitar bands will form, and the Mountain Dulcimer will once again be a popular instrument amongst youth for years to come.
-- tyskland, Nov 30 2002

6 Dulcimers http://free.gentle....lhymns/Dulcimer.htm
And some Christian Dulcimer tabs. [tyskland, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Bob McNally's Strumstick
A guitar-dulcimer, non-electric. [Dog Ed, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

You really think putting Eminem and dulcimers together is a good idea?
-- jurist, Nov 30 2002

A fellow markets what he calls a "strumstick," an instrument fretted like a mountain dulcimer (ie not chromatically) but made to be played like a guitar. It's acoustic though, and trenchantly folkie in appearance. See link.
-- Dog Ed, Dec 01 2002

Thats one weird lookin' instrument, Dog Ed.

jurist: Absolutely. I'm sure when people thought of combining blues and electric guitars, some folk called them crazy, others called it Rock and Roll.
-- tyskland, Dec 01 2002

If you want this instrument to look really cool, I've got an idea how it can be done... ;-)
-- egbert, Dec 01 2002

Dave Cousins of the Strawbs used electric dulcimer on several albums ('From The Witchwood' and 'Grave New World' are the best), and played it standing up in concert, on a stand, the same way way many players (Steve Howe, for example) play a lap steel while standing.
There's no need to remove the bottom section of the sound box, because it can still be played 'overhand', as Jeff Healey does with a Strat. (Incidentally, he plays sitting down without looking at all uncool, as does David Gilmour when playing lap steel.)
-- angel, Dec 02 2002

I like it. Do it. :o)
-- waxingpoetic, Dec 05 2002

The idea's even taken off in the UK...

Electric Solid Dulcimer
-- pictrum, May 20 2004

Well, as I said up there--^, electric dulcimer is nothing new, so it appears that [pictrum]'s "link" is just advertising. There's precious little in the way of information. Furthermore, the linked site is dire; does no-one test pages before publishing them, or do we assume that if it's good enough for Yahoo PageBuilder, it must be OK?
-- angel, May 20 2004

Jimmy page used to play guitar by hitting it with a bow. does that count?
-- schematics, May 20 2004

I had a look at the Picstrum site - and found no problems with it in fact quiet amusing - "angel" maybe I'm easily pleased ?

In fact I ordered one - at least the lad I spoke has a sense of humour - mind you with all the slagging that goes on, on the internet they'll need one!

It arrived last Saturday I gigged it on the Sunday - maybe I shouldn't have done so soon as I wouldn't have been "Angel" perfect :-)

PS - (and this is advertising) They are great and 1/10 of the price of anything else on the Market - keep it up lads

Happy customer
-- clansfolk, Jun 05 2004

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