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Special book protectors for people who can't read nor think properly or just do as they are told.

These page protectors protect your book from becoming dog-eared. Every package includes several of these page protectors, so there is always one extra one just lying around doing nothing. Also included are instructions for using a book, the main one being to turn the pages from the middle of the page. Best of all if the readers get too aggravated with that rule they can take out their frustrations on these protective devices.
-- rcarty, Nov 17 2014

It might be simpler if each book came with some book-mark ribbons (more than just one, like you find on some Bibles).
-- Vernon, Nov 17 2014

//and think properly

Well, at least they are thinking properly.
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2014

Changed to nor. Anyway, it's about authoritarianism and pervasive control of the story through discursive regulation.
-- rcarty, Nov 17 2014

One is enough if it zaps.
-- pashute, Nov 17 2014

//Dummy on Every Corner

Ah, so you have been to Budapest in summer...

//are instructions for using a book.......just do as they are told.

Er, yes it was you, giving directions on how to read a book..

(sitting in Kansai Airport, drinking coffee and wondering if it's possible to smoke a fag and get back before someone steals my unattended laptop....)
-- not_morrison_rm, Nov 18 2014

Not impressed by world travel. Globalisation was not really my idea. Budapest's guards are likely more symbolic than in a colony for example. I didn't make the instruction I'm making an idea. Obviously you understand this idea is critical of legal rationality, I don't care how someone read a book, and I don't care if someone steals your laptop, protect it yourself.
-- rcarty, Nov 18 2014

//Obviously you understand this idea is critical of legal rationality//

So, bring on the illegal rationality.
-- pertinax, Nov 18 2014

Does not necessarily divide up like that. I'm not a legal objective person but I rarely break the law, simply because I don't infringe on others' persons or property. Mainly because I'm an individualist. Although legal rationality is more than just the objectivity.
-- rcarty, Nov 18 2014

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