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EM radiation as crystal catalyst   (+3)  [vote for, against]
using standing-waves as a catalyst for crystal formation

Some crystals, for example diamond, are extremely difficult to create requiring large amounts of pressure, temperature and time. If the atoms could be coaxed into the correct formation, crystalisation might occur more readily. If a standing wave is created within a plasma at a wavelength of the atom separation in a crystal (eg x-rays), the atoms may accumulate at the standing-wave nodes. This could be done with a laser 'cavity', wherein waves are reflected at either end of the cavity. This would be done in 3 axes, to limit the standing-wave nodes to single locations.
-- xaviergisz, Jan 26 2004

Diamond Manufacturing
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I believe artificial diamonds are now sophisticated enough that DeBeers is worried
-- theircompetitor, Jan 26 2004

Visit [LL]'s link. The two companies mentioned are making flawless, 3 carat diamonds for about $100 each. You bet they're worried.
-- galukalock, Jan 26 2004

That's a neat article, Laughs, thanks for linking it.
-- krelnik, Jan 27 2004

wow, what a great article. Soon those snooty movie stars that wear 6 carat diamonds to show off how much money they have will look stupid, because someone will be buying something just like it at a fraction of the cost. I can't wait. :)
-- babyhawk, Jan 27 2004

And people who get married how don't have a lot of money will be able to afford a gigantic rock for the engagement ring instead of the diamond flecks they usually get right now.
-- DonBirnam, Jan 27 2004

Another slick idea. I wonder if supercompression via 3-dimensional wave generation is used for anything - fusion, for example?
-- bungston, Feb 12 2007

CZ has better fire than Diamond, and it's cheaper! Is this how they make it? [+] for such an articulate idea/explanation! Double slit wave-diffraction-crystals would be cool to look at as well.
-- quantum_flux, Feb 12 2007

I do know that radiation has been used as a polymerization catalyst.
-- travbm, Oct 29 2015

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