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Earth Disco Ball Days   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Call E.T. -- and dance all night.

Got a mirror? Bring it outside and set it flat on the ground, during Earth Disco Ball Days. As the world turns, millions of these mirrors reflect the sun's rays. These reflections may reach a distant planet, in the universal language of "Let's Party!" Or it may piss them off. Either way, they're sure to drop in.

Have at least two of these holidays each year, six months apart. That's for added galactic disco coverage.
-- Amos Kito, Aug 05 2003

Starshine, the flying mirrored ball. http://science.nasa...2001/ast18dec_1.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

If we angled them right we could probaby focus enough solar energy to blow up planets like the Death Star.
-- DeathNinja, Aug 05 2003

It would not work, since we are talking about distant planets, if any reflection would reach them at all, it would only be from a single mirror on earth, there would be no mirror ball effect due to distance and different reflection angles of the mirrors.

However, I like the general idea of a global party day :)
-- Brummo, Aug 05 2003

Even though it wouldn't work, I'm voting for it.
-- snarfyguy, Aug 05 2003

// Even though it wouldn't work, I'm voting for it //

I'm pretty sure that congress works on this exact same principle.
-- DeathNinja, Aug 05 2003

When would they have time? What with all the anal probing and oral sex... or was it oral probing and anal sex?
-- DeathNinja, Aug 06 2003

I like it. Might be able to help out with the pesky global warming thing too, what with all that reflective arctic ice melting et al.
-- Shz, Aug 06 2003

If we had really BIG matt nonreflective er mirrors we could make the planet disappear. Though I don't know who would notice. Maybe do it on April 1st and give all astronauts currently orbiting a bit of a shock.
-- squeak, Aug 06 2003

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