Food: Dispenser
Easy-peasy PBJ Dispenser   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Push-pump dispensing peanut butter and jelly

Pretty self explanitory. The peanut butter will have to be reaaally thin, but the whole kit will probably be proprietary so that makes it easier.
-- phoenix, May 21 2008

Refillable PBJ Dispenser Refillable_20PBJ_20Dispenser
The inspiration. [phoenix, May 21 2008]

I think you could put it in this... http://www.thekitch...m/099149000118.html
[xandram, May 21 2008]

It would have to be smooth, probably Kroger peanut butter. If the hole was too big, the pieces would come out looking like, yikes....
-- plynthe, May 21 2008

Do you mean with a ratcheting ejector, driven by a lever on the handles, like a double pbj supursoaker?
-- plynthe, May 21 2008

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