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A Half Bakery for the Dumber

OK... the Easy Bake Oven half Baked Limited edition uses Lcd light ( not as hot. But, more eco ) Purchasable with food stamps.


This enabling knockoff is for those of us who for whatever reason: stroke, genetics, or as a child Our head was as a Soccer Ball (kicked), ect., are not to the task of Comprehension. For these of us who feel like using BIG words. While we lack any motivated ability to Gain an Understanding Proper of the definitions that actually belong to the fun words.

This kiddy Pool version Will require Supervision. Flaming is a defining characteristic of Us. Us, The Dumber Smart.
-- Sir_Misspeller, Dec 28 2008

Terrestrial isn't your first language, is it?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 28 2008

Terra is, just not Terra firma.


*I'm not even bi curios....
-- Sir_Misspeller, Dec 28 2008

If you think only smart people hang out here, you haven't been around long enough.
-- phoenix, Dec 29 2008

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