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Fashion: Pants
Easy Creasy Pants   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
Yawn, I'll fold 'em later.......

I have difficulty folding pants (clothing in general) and maps properly. What I propose is that pants (and other clothing and even maps) have pre-printed folding guides on the inside. Arrows pointing in various directions, words, crease guides, etc. Maps could have notes that say Top Page etc.

My pair of Easy Creasy pants would also feature the unique Prease (Pre-crease), a molded crease understructure built into the pants so that the crease would be easy to find and implement, and would hold shape in various conditions.

Pre-molded discreet codpiece bulge coming soon...
-- polartomato, Aug 11 2002

Oh yeah? Well do they have nifty little folding arrows, do they? Bet they don't, those little... why I oughta...

Even when I find the crease, I sometimes don't know the best way to fold the pants, or shirt, or map... that's the other half of the idea...
-- polartomato, Aug 11 2002

I have trouble folding a new pair of pants I recently bought, the pole keeps getting in the way. <ducks for cover>
-- Gulherme, Aug 11 2002

And to in-crease ease, I'd like a foldable warning flag, visible on the open zipper (like on fighter aircraft), with instructions for closing and locking the fly.

[Pre-molded discreet codpiece bulge] "Are you happy to see me or is that your cod catch in your pocket?"
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 11 2002

pt: pants come with seams - hold the pants by the cuffs, line the seams up and the creases should form naturally (how difficult is that, for goodness' sake?). As UnaBubba notes, no-iron pants that hold their crease are widely available. But what the heck are you doing folding the pants for anyway? Get yer man to do his own darn laundry.

[And, btw, if yer man's pants don't come with cuffs, then do not pass Go, dump the lowlife immediately.]

[And, btw 2, how the f*** are you supposed to fold skirts?]
-- DrCurry, Aug 11 2002

Tomatoes only wear pleated skirts that fold themselves.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 11 2002

Awww sheeeesh. First of all, DrSpicy, I fold my own pants. Skirts are even more difficult to fold than pants, and I really don't know how it's done- I usually hang them up... and AgriculturalJohn: the first idea I had was self-folding pants with motorized folding apparatus... but I supposed that it would be difficult for the wash. Perhaps an insert that goes into the pants and holds them up?

'Tis true that tomatoes need self-folding apparel; have you ever seen one with hands? (We use vocal recognition software!)

Gulhurme: The pole folds neatly, as indicated by the large brown arrow. Just follow the instructions!

I guess this idea is straight out of the Lazy Bastard files.
-- polartomato, Aug 12 2002

I know it's not exactly the done thing to quote one's own annos, but:

//Necessity may be the mother of invention, but zaniness and laziness are the contesting parents of the half-baked idea, in my book.//

However, I think an easier way to bake this problem would be the humble trouser press. Now, let's talk about shirts...
-- yamahito, Aug 12 2002

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