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Clock in the form of an ovum with wiggling sperm

This clock is in the form of an ovum blown up wall-clock size. The time (hour only) would be indicated by the position of the germinal vesicle (the big blobby thing, I think), while the organelles (the little blobby things) would move around pretty much at random.

The sperm trying to fertilize the ovum would tick away the seconds around the outside, its (flexible) tail wiggling with each tick.

(Of course, before we went to market on this thing, we would consult some real microbiologists to get all the terms right, and maybe get a better picture.)
-- DrCurry, Apr 17 2006

Artist's Illustration
(Apologies for any innaccuracies - as Bones might not say, I'm an engineer, not a doctor.) [DrCurry, Apr 17 2006]

For po... http://en.wikibooks...C_sunny_side_up.jpg
Sunny side up. "Over easy" being the other way up. [DrCurry, Apr 17 2006]

+......gotta go, my ovum is ticking away.....
-- xandram, Apr 17 2006

what do americans mean by sunny side up?

+1 for a memory of an image I once made of an earth with little spermy thingys - oh, you had to have been there...
-- po, Apr 17 2006

I think it best, I not say what I think.
-- blissmiss, Apr 17 2006

mmmmmm... curried eggs.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 18 2006

I wonder what the alarm function would be like?
-- Jinbish, Apr 18 2006

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