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Jumpstart Your Morning

Personally, I don’t wake up well. It takes a while. The snooze button gets used many times before my bed is vacant. Usually I’m late to work in the morning. So I’m developing a new kind of alarm clock. Part mild tazzer, part traditional alarm clock.

Here’s the premise; obtain an old alarm clock with audible alarm and snooze “bar” button. The snooze button has to be bar shaped so the electrodes fit on it. The electrodes are connected to the tazzer circuit in the newly modified alarm. When the alarm goes off in the morning, the tazzer is also activated. You reach over to hit snooze and instead convulse suddenly into productivity to start your day.

Three things could happen: 1 – You wake up quickly with the jolt, get to work on time 2 – You wake up before the alarm because you’re subconsciously afraid of the jolt, and get to work on time 3 – You hear the alarm, and instead rip the entire alarm away from the wall unplugging it while throwing it at you window, cursing the evil shock box and get to work on time
-- evilpenguin, May 17 2007

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