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Virtual Viewer for Horse Racing

It's the Cheltenham Festival and I'm in work. I'm not a happy bunny. Not only is Cheltenham one of the most exciting and high prestige sporting events of the year; it is also a rare opportunity for the Irish to go to England and return victorious. (the rugby being played in Dublin this year). But I'm gonna miss the big race today coz I'm working and cant get to a TV very easily.

I can't get it streamed on my pc so what I'd like is the horses with GPS tags, which channel 4 have already done for a few races, and a virtual race to be streamed on the net. It wouldn't have to be realistic. Even an ariel view just showing coloured lines for the horses progress would be good.

Anyway, Come on Moscow Flyer!!!!!!!
-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

Cheltenham Race Course
For those that are wondering what the hoot [etherman] is on about. [skinflaps, Mar 16 2005]

It's Moscow Flyer by a nose...
(By three lengths, actually) [Jinbish, Mar 16 2005]

//Anyway, Come on// Azertyuiop!!!!!!!
-- skinflaps, Mar 16 2005

grrrr.. fiendish surrender monkey keyboard horse!!!
-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

Irish treble in the 2.35. Yeee Hooo!!!
-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

I had been having the above *rant* in the staff room at lunchtime. When I arrived to my 2.45 class they were all a bit giddy. I, being a bit irritable was having none of it and got my cross face on. So I was giving these 4th years hell when at 3.10 on the dot... they all start making horse noises. Jus as I was about to go ballistic I noticed the big gurning face of my mate from the PE dept at the door. He had primed them all about my predicament and covered me for the last 10 mins so that I could wathc MOSCOW FLYER ROMP HOME!!!!!

Ireland! Ireland!! Show me the money!! Ireland!!
-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

Hi [etherman], thought I'd pop in so that you were no longer talking to yourself. I've no interest in GG's myself except for finding out why they're called GG's. Maybe you know.
-- wagster, Mar 16 2005

'Gee' was a term used when steering teams of horses or oxen. I think 'Gee' was to the left and 'Haw' was to the right. Since most early race courses were left handed the horses were Gee Gees. I'm sure some Google wizard will prove me wrong.
-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

//why they're called GG's// 'cos if you want them to go, you gee them up, so I assume if you want 'em to go faster, you gee-gee them up?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 16 2005

-- FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2005

-- etherman, Mar 16 2005

nice idea. You could generalize this to be a low-bandwidth, simple way to view any sport, as well as to do post-game analysis using a recording.
-- sophocles, Mar 17 2005

Yeah, thats my *thinking* too. This could be adapted for Formula 1 (Indy Car), soccer or rugby (hangs head in shame). Football managment pc games already use low resolution graphic simulations of soccer games.

Some sports would look cool but be fairly pointless i.e figure skating, gymnastics etc. and some just weird: match angling for instance.
-- etherman, Mar 21 2005

I have never been to a race, so I think I'd better see the real thing at least once in my life, still a practical idea for the devotee +
-- dentworth, Mar 21 2005

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