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Computer: Error
Electronic Rug   (+9)  [vote for, against]
For sweeping broken code under

An Electronic rug for those software fixes that seem to be more hassle than they are worth, A nice Persian design that is placed across offending fields, screens etc Simply sweep offending code under it until someone notices.

'John, the fix for the erronous date entries, hows it coming along?'

'Its under the rug mate'

-- S-note, Feb 05 2010

Electronic Rug http://www.willishe...m/Persian%20rug.jpg
Something like this should do [S-note, Feb 05 2010]

It should be made from a durable material so it will not be damaged if the bit bucket overflows. [+]
-- batou, Feb 05 2010

when the rug is rolled up with a body in it.
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 05 2010

A nice place for stuff that should go to the trash, but might be useful later. +
-- csea, Feb 06 2010

//It's under the rug mate.// [+]
-- mouseposture, Feb 06 2010

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