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Vehicle: Bicycle: Safety
Electronics Holding Helmet   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
A helmet that contains numerous electronic devices.

This helmet has compartments for your various electronic devices including mobile phone, camera, flat thing, etc. Placing these inside would not be safer in and of itself, but in the event of an accident the wearers will reflexively try to prevent damage to those items, and by extension their own precious goo.
-- rcarty, Aug 07 2013

We have this already.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 07 2013

Baked in nearly every form of modern motorsport. Also, I'm seeing fancy Bluetooth-mp3-streaming video- telemetry helmets up at the ski resort, mostly worn by folks from away who think that spending money can make you better at skiing/snowboarding.
-- Alterother, Aug 07 2013

I think you're all missing the concept here. The idea is not for a helmet-cam or any other sort of helmet that *integrates* your devices. The helmet simply stores your devices, on the theory that, given the choice between protecting one's precious electronic gadgets from being smashed and preventing one's brains from being scrambled, most people will attempt to save the gizmos. By moving them to the helmet, as a nice side effect the wearer also ends up (inadvertently) protecting his cranium.
-- ytk, Aug 07 2013

Bun to [bigsleep], although I've already self-bunned.
-- rcarty, Aug 08 2013

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