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Many hands, alight work.

Ever since human operators were designed out, elevator (lift) logic controls have been getting progressively more complex. While the building where I work still has an electrometrical call system in the hoist room, modern design consists of computerized algorithms. This takes all the fun out of something that could better be handed by otherwise idle members of society.

With Elevator the Game (EtG), online players will remotely control elevators, gaining points based on performance. EtG points will be awarded per speed of answering calls and per speed of delivering the rider to the desired floor. EtG points will be deducted for excessively long wait or delivery times.

EtG points will be redeemable for elevator themed trinkets and swag from, in order to foster a dedicated gaming community.
-- Laughs Last, Jun 14 2005

I'm amazed this was never made into a video game. (+)
-- phundug, Jun 14 2005

Not everyone will be playing for efficiency, of course.
-- Soterios, Jun 14 2005

Of course it would need a good soundtrack. I'd recomend Aerosmith's "Lovin' an elevator".
-- hidden truths, Jun 14 2005

uhm, hidden truths, I think that's "Love in an Elevator" you're thinking of. Your version might have required a radical change of lifestyle for Steve Tyler. And will definitely make me think twice about those damp patches in the corner next time I take the lift in a multi.
-- lostdog, Jun 14 2005

Beware the Elevator Trolls!
-- moomintroll, Jun 14 2005

I kinda like, if human nature could be factored out as [Soterios] eludes to.

I wonder if anyone has applied evolutionary/genetic programming to this optimization task? Might kinda suck to work in that building if you start from scratch, but maybe with a few different existing algorithms, something specific to the needs of the building might evolve.
-- half, Jun 15 2005

Yes, [half], they have. Newer high rises (and some retrofits in older ones) have elevators that learn patterns and lurk predictively close to floors where they think higher traffic will develop at different times of the day.

And [+] for the idea here. I'd play.
-- oxen crossing, Jun 15 2005

This is one big step in the direction of elevators sulking in basements after they experiment briefly with the notion of going sideways.
-- zeno, Jun 15 2005

[lostdog] Yeah I know. I just thought it would be slightly more topical this way. And also, ew.
-- hidden truths, Jun 15 2005

I guess there are worse things that they could do.
-- Texticle, Jan 07 2007

However a particularly systematic terrorist group could use this system to increase the damage caused by a bomb or fire.

I'd rather keep control of things like traffic lights, elevators, etc out of the public domain.
-- Custardguts, Jan 08 2007

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