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Emergency Chocolate Delivery   (+7)  [vote for, against]
any time of day or night

If you have a pressing need for chocolate late at night ring this service and they will deliver the chocolate of your choice within the hour.
-- simonj, Mar 11 2009

UK Goverment Tax No 3,458,614
Do they never learn! [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009]

(?) call these folks and just add chocolate to your order...
[xandram, Mar 12 2009]

...even better... http://www.clarionl...902080312/1023/feat
[xandram, Mar 12 2009]

That's not hard at all. We used to call the local taxi company, get the driver to pick up booze from the bottle-o and deliver it to us at parties where no-one was right to drive. $20 bucks on top of fare and booze for his troubles, we never had a problem at all.

I'm sure you could do the same with just about anything. In fact I think there was a case a few years ago where someone had set up a taxi drug delivery service in my home town. I'm sure that's not a unique thing...
-- Custardguts, Mar 12 2009

[+] Excellent idea. You might want to adjust the title a bit though. "24 hour delivery" sounds too much like, well, 24-hour delivery, when your idea is about express, instant chocolate, any time (or maybe at night only).
-- Veho, Mar 12 2009

When the tax comes in, closely followed by Chocolate Prohibition, this will be a job for the Belgium Mafia (they carry saxophone cases instead of violin cases). [link]
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 12 2009

Changed title
-- simonj, Mar 12 2009

could it come in an ambulance? with a giant bunny on the side? PLEEEEEAASE!
-- k_sra, Mar 13 2009

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