Product: Emergency Rescue
Emergency Drone Airforce   (+2)  [vote for, against]
A preloaded squadron of drones ready to go.

A few hundred pilotless drones could be loaded up with food, water, medical and emergency supplies, and communication terminals to uplink the public to the outside world.

A number of these bases could be set up in strategic positions so that they could sent remotely with a presidential push of the button to instantly aid in distress.

Just make sure the new button is far away and clearly labeled from the big red one.
-- Giblet, Sep 23 2005

Canon launched drone glider airmail halfbakery
[M Carter, Mar 27 2008]

If they are designed like Thunderbird 2 then you got my bread.
-- etherman, Sep 23 2005

What if a terrorist nation hacks the button press code, and delivers all the food to themselves!?

Or, what if, *gasp* they confuse the codes and accidentally hack the OTHER button code...!!!

(This is getting a FOR, 'cuz I like robots)
-- Iidhaegn, Mar 27 2008

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