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I erase a lot. My drafting table has eraser shavings all over it when I'm working, making it look like a winter wonderland. Sure, I've got my special drafter's eraser brush to brush away the shavings, but they end up on the floor, in my coffee, and pretty much everywhere else. What we the complusive erasing people need is a battery powered eraser (which already exist--they're awesome but produce the most crumbs) with a little vacuum and refuse chamber attached to it. Both work simultaneously to ensure minimum (and probably zero) eraser shavings on the paper/table/and in the coffee cup.
-- Machiavelli, Mar 14 2005

No shavings or crumbs http://www.craftcat...ihtml?pid=17&step=4
[DrCurry, Mar 14 2005]

Daler Rowney http://www.ziggyart...le_putty_rubber.asp
Putty Rubber [neilp, Mar 14 2005]

Never tried an artist's eraser? Also marketed as BluTac in Britain, and chewing gum in the States.

P.S. Well, use -vac not -suck.
-- DrCurry, Mar 14 2005

I have a kneaded eraser. It doesn't erase that well for hard core eliminating (it's more for artists, not drafters, anyway). Plus, battery powered erasers are great because they erase quickly and completely.

Yeah...vac. Better than suck. Thanks, [Doc].
-- Machiavelli, Mar 14 2005

erm Hooverase ? Putty Rubbers are a different thing, I love 'em.
-- neilp, Mar 14 2005

blu-tac is not quite the same as the putty rubber. methinks blu-tac is softer.
-- po, Mar 14 2005

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