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Design a mouse that supports your wrist

I use a decent optical mouse. It doesn't need a mousepad. However, being on holiday and on the computer rather too often, my mouse wrist now hurts. It would be really useful if the back of the mouse body was reshaped so that a wrist support was built in. My hand is much more comfortable if my wrist is raised up so it can lie flat.
-- david_scothern, Jun 10 2004

Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 http://www.gizmodo....rdict-tiring-036766
[brodie, Mar 28 2005]

Gesture Mouse,1452,58978,00.html
[brodie, Mar 28 2005]

There are mouse pads that have a 'wrist rest'. Incorporating a support into the mouse itself is a nice idea, but the increased size would mean calling it a rat....feel free to use the brand name "Wrist Rat" if you wish.

The larger mouse / rat would then perhaps simply transfer the problem proximally - we may find people then suffering 'surfer's elbow'. Whatever. Pastry. ['ergo et sum' (+)]
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 10 2004

I use an indecent optical mouse - the little fucker is , like, totally rude...
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 10 2004

Thought this was a reference to a device that pointed out the implications of an statement:
"Blah blah blah etc..."
Pointer flashes and points NNE, uttering the words: "Ergo, milk delivery in schools should be nationalised."
-- zen_tom, Mar 28 2005

Other ideas are being tried also (see links). It may be better to start fresh (or fresher) then to deal with problems that arise from doing things how they have always been done.
-- brodie, Mar 28 2005

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