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Every action has an equal and opposite... oh, nevermind.

*Yawn* S t r e t c h. I get out of bed, pad over to my fish tank to give them their breakfast. Oddly, half are moving left, the other half to the right. Looking in the kitchen I notice yesterday's breakfast - a croissant - but can't tell if it's whole or half eaten. Shrugging it off, I step out of my basement apartment and onto the roof of my highrise building. Breathing in the fresh air, I listen to the water splashing in the rooftop garden and once again wonder how the thing runs without a pump. Birds are flying north/south for the winter. As I step back inside I squint at the sun trying to figure out if it's rising or setting...
-- phoenix, Jul 27 2001

Moebius Roller Coaster http://www.halfbake..._20Roller_20Coaster
Mr. Escher's Wild Ride? [centauri, Jul 27 2001]

Moebius Roller Coaster II http://www.halfbake...ller_20Coaster_20II
Here's one we made later.... [Zircon, Sep 02 2002]

Cool Escher Link
Mathematician who worked out the transformations in one Escher print. Be sure to watch the movie version! [krelnik, Oct 23 2002]

Some naps disorient you that way. Amongst a number of other things I want to illustrate when I've the time* is a navigational tour through an Escher Drawing. I'll post it here when done. *Patience, dear child.
-- thumbwax, Jul 27 2001

My apologies to [jutta] and all .5B. I've been sleep deprived this week and didn't notice the catagory. [jutta] if you can't move this idea just [mfd] it.
-- phoenix, Jul 27 2001

[phoenix]: Can't you move it yourself? (scroll down)
-- st3f, Jul 27 2001

Mephista, does this mean you live with phoenix?
-- beauxeault, Jul 27 2001

go rent "Labyrinth" starring David Bowie.....his castle is much like Mephista's house.....
-- Susen, Jul 27 2001

NOOO! What happened to the Roller Coaster Idea? It was one of my favorites.
-- barnzenen, Sep 02 2002

[barnzenen] I may have been unoriginal at the time, but here's an example of the idea you miss (link)
-- Zircon, Sep 02 2002

Thank god, I can start to breath normally again.
-- barnzenen, Sep 03 2002

<holds smelling salts under barnzenen's nose> the original MRC link is broken <gives barnzenen a consoling sugar lump> (po has an endless supply - shares in Tate & Lyle)
-- po, Sep 03 2002

Imagine falling down the drawing of the stairs.

[like falling down an escalator....takes hours]
-- WhereYouAt, Jul 22 2008

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