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Ethnic Baby Food   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
Quick, before they know what it is

This idea started as an idea to make baby-food versions of Southern American "soul food" cuisine - okra, hoppin' john, collards (okay, maybe not chitlins). This I thought might appeal to black middleclass parents, and help maintain certain culinary traditions.

It then occurred to me that the idea could be expanded to include other ethnic cuisines - South Asian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, whatever. Besides providing some of the most nutritious foods from around the world, this product series could add to kids' awareness of other cultures before they even get to school.

(PS>> we need a Food:Baby category)
-- smendler, Mar 17 2009

//we need a Food:Baby category//

I think baby food ideas should go into other categories. Naming a category "Food:Baby" is just asking for trouble.
-- Veho, Mar 17 2009

as in

"How do you like children, Mr. Fields?" WC Fields: "Fricaseed."

-- smendler, Mar 17 2009

We already have ethnic baby food in the UK (as long as you are white middle class).

The only time my children ate baby food is when on holiday in France (and with my French it was a bit pot luck), so they had some combinations you might not ordinarily think of. Now they are happy to tuck in to anything us adults eat. Baby food is just there for the convenience of adults so [-].
-- eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 17 2009

I've never heard of hoppin' john before. It sounds like red beans & rice.
They do have sweet potatoes (yams). My kids turned out to be allergic to them as infants, much to my wife's dismay. (I don't much care for them, either, though).
-- Zimmy, Mar 17 2009

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