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Work 4 - 10 hr days...get every other day off

Solve traffic and road congestion...employ twice as many people. Employers could keep their business open 7 days a week and have two to six shifts of employees (six shifts if they normally are open 24 hrs a day). People would only work 10 hours in 48. With alternate shifts of 10 hours each, only half as many people would be on the road going to and from work. The ones on day off would be in the traffic mix only going to and from fun things. You might get two days off in a row once in 31 day months. This plan might even save a huge amount of gasoline. Communter trains would be far less crowded. The beach and other ammusement places would be far less crowded, too. The same schedule would work for schools, too, thus reducing class sizes.
-- Blisterbob, Oct 10 2005

Wouldn't this mean that in the space of 7 days the average amount of work be 35 hours? Thats less that usual isnt it? I mean I think most people work 5 days a week 8 hours a day, meaning 40+ hours in 7 days. I think that whatever could be gained in terms of less crowding would be offset by lower wages.
-- PollyNo9, Oct 10 2005

Certain businesses have no desire to be open in the weekends, and furthermore wish to only be open when (most, if not all) other business are open e.g. copy shops.

This scheme would not support those businesses, as they would be 'forced' to be open longer, but with fewer customers.
-- Texticle, Oct 12 2005

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