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Everyone should have dual nationality   (+1, -1)  [vote for, against]
Dual nationality is something which everyone should have

At birth you should be given dual nationality with some other country. The choice of which other country's nationality you are given may be affected by familial factors - like, if your great-grandmother was Finnish, otherwise it would be random.
If you're a national of a country there's always a reason to be interested in that country, and maybe visit, or get a job there. Tourism would benefit certainly, but who knows what other benefits there might be in a greater understanding of other cultures and more open communication between countries?
("George W. Bush, the US/Libyan president...").
-- hippo, Mar 29 2003

bags Rockall
on a tangent- I have always wanted to be a member of ASLEF - why can't we have the union of our choice? [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sorry [futurebird] - I had to look it up... [hippo, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

I'm very concerned about my 2nd homeland the great Republic of Gabon.
-- futurebird, Mar 29 2003

If I could be British *and* Australian it would save a hell of a lot of trouble right now. +
-- sambwiches, Mar 29 2003

-- phoenix, Mar 29 2003

Baked for some of us, and completely Bakeable for everyone else (especially now that the US allows dual citizenship). Not much of an idea, I think.
-- DrCurry, Mar 29 2003

DrCurry and Sleepygrass - If you read the idea you'll discover that what I'm proposing is the mandatory imposition of dual nationality on everyone in the world from birth. I don't think this exists yet, and so it's not baked. It's not a "me too" either unless there's somewhere in the world which currently grants a random second nationality upon its citizens, so kindly withdraw your mfd.
-- hippo, Mar 30 2003

I did agree but then wasn't so sure, so in a moment of doubt, pulled my comment. It does seem like a you too to me too but I'm on the fence because it doesn't quite fit the you too description by my interpretation but also because I trust the judgement of [hippo].
-- bristolz, Mar 30 2003

Well I don't know (or care) about the me/you-too aspects of it, but it is rather impossible. It's unlikely a country would give your baby citizenship just because you asked.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 30 2003

And are expecting it to be a long conflict... we're talking about babies here.

I worry there would be a big spike in the number of Middle East nationals with US citizenship.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 30 2003

<meadlo>Well, the mothers were holding the babies, and they, the babies, might have had hand grenades on them... Well, they might have throwed the babies at us, with hand grenades on them... The babies might have exercised a counterbalance maneuver against us.</meadlo>

You can't be too careful with them babies, you know.
-- Guy Fox, Mar 30 2003

I like that it be required for everyone, planetwide. In addition, perhaps every third or fourth generation the random-citizenship generator would assign you two nationalities, neither of which were your country of birth and you would have to leave. Might make first worlders a bit less complacent about famines etc in other parts of the globe if their kids were going to wind up living there.
-- Mungo, Mar 10 2004

Just wait a few hundred years, and your babies, babies, babies, etc. baby will belong to the United Federation, with one language and one currency.
Question is: English or Mandarin? And whose head will be on the dollar bills?
-- Ling, Mar 10 2004

I dunno why the US is out to get me. I just had the bad luck to be born in Syria and plucked North Korea out of the hat...
-- PeterSilly, Mar 11 2004

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