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Executive Document Fastener   (+11)  [vote for, against]
Staples are so plebeian

Papers are placed into the jaws of the device which punches two holes, threads a length of ribbon through and ties it in a deluxe bow -- and does this in a purely mechanical fashion via one turn of the brass crank.

Papers affixed by the Executive Document Fastener would carry the sophisticated charm of efficiency, without compromising the personalised feel of a ribbon-bound manuscript.

Suave corporations would have their emblem embroidered onto the ribbon.
-- mitxela, Nov 19 2010

http://en.wikipedia...i/Seal_%28emblem%29 [Spacecoyote, Nov 19 2010]

Hand held sewing machine machine&tbm=isch
[mitxela, Jun 01 2012]

Sounds like a good idea to me.
-- DrBob, Nov 19 2010

Excellent link!
-- pocmloc, Nov 19 2010

good for lawyers.
-- po, Nov 19 2010

[+] lovely idea!
-- xandram, Nov 19 2010

Interesting, actually, that modern day lawyers (at least, the ones I meet) regard the deed ribbon as positively quaint, the sort of affectation of the eccentric that would be pursued by a some melty-faced tubber in tartan trews, a man never happier than when rooting around in the stale animal stink of a tin trunk jam-packed with copperplate & vellum. Still, croissant for the Fred Dibnastic "brass crank".
-- calum, Nov 19 2010

In a purely mechanical fashion via one turn of the brass crank.
-- calum, Nov 19 2010

I like this very very much.

The knot-tying is doable - sewing and knitting machines do this, even though they work with continuous threads.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2010

if a tongue can tie a knot, I'm sure a machine can especially one with a brass crank
-- po, Nov 19 2010

In a summer job I had about 50 years ago, I put together hand-cranked machines that tied Christmas bows for the 3M company. Worked fine, lasted a long time.
-- Boomershine, Nov 19 2010

Now's about as good a time as any to bump this.

You can now buy (and I have bought) a hand-held chain stitch sewing machine. The interesting thing is it looks remarkably like a stapler [link]. All it needs is to be made bigger, modify the feed so it goes back on itself instead of in a line, and for base to be cast iron.
-- mitxela, Jun 01 2012

Smart notion [+]
-- zen_tom, Jun 01 2012

Kudos to [calum] for use of the adjective "Fred Dibnastic"
-- hippo, Jun 01 2012

[calum] made me laugh out loud with his reply to [21 Quest]. Oh yeah, a [+] for the idea.
-- AusCan531, Jun 01 2012

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