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a celebration shot glass

Like a regular shot glass, but with a large, hollow space at the bottom. In the bottom is a party popper confetti shooter. Drink a shot and slam the glass onto the table, not hard enough to shatter it, but with enough force to release the spring-loaded confetti and streamers. I think there can be a *pop* noise to go along with it. Have fun at parties and celebrations.
-- xandram, Nov 16 2006

I'm sure you'll have to use extra-thick glass for these, because as people drink more, they'll smash them harder.

Overall, it still sounds like fun to me.
-- shapu, Nov 16 2006

I agree about the smashing, maybe they could be made of auto glass or pyrex.
-- xandram, Nov 16 2006

I like this party.
-- jmvw, Nov 16 2006

Shot glasses are pretty durable. I have seen people slam them on the concrete in an attempt to shatter them only to see them bounce. A good slam on the table at the thickest part of the glass shouldn't cause any breakage.
-- Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

hey, thanks for info. [Jscotty] I kind of thought that, but one should always be careful, esp. when drinking. I wanted to post this yesterday as it was my one year hb anniversary! So I'm celebrating a year of wonderful madness. Thanks to all of you (us).
-- xandram, Nov 16 2006

I would make them plastic, because if your trying to get drunk, hell with repacking the glass with confetti. Just slam, pop, toss. If it breaks, it doesn't matter. I think little blast caps would work better. You could also have different effect shot glasses. Using some flash paper, you could have it puff out a little ball of fire. Maybe a little flash of sparkles with a nice crackling effect.
-- rascalraidex, Nov 17 2006

i would want mine double loaded, with a mercury switch, so it explodes confetti from the bottom when i take a shot and the top when i slam it down. double the fun, double the mess! [+]
-- bleh, Nov 17 2006

<sits at bar> Damn woman, always coming up with those stupid good ideas. Stupid drive through toast. <hic> I gat your toast right here lady. You call that a cakehendge? What, are a bunch of midgets going to dance around it? Stupid, stupid, stupid. <takes another sip from drink>

Who am I kidding? They're brilliant! Her ideas are genius and all I got is nothing! I'll make her pay, somehow, someway, she'll pay. First I'll finish this drink, then I'll devise an evil plan that even the oh-so-smart [xandram] will never see until it's too late. She'll never knows what hits her. Soon, [xandram]. you'll be mine and your era of genius will be over! Muhahahah! <slams down shotglass> POP! Mine eyes! Oh, yip yip! Oh, mine eyes.

Now I can't see and I'll have to go through years of therapy to retrain how to move around in the world, get a seeing eye dog, develop artificial eyes that will allow me to see, sell them on the open market, and THEN start on my diabolical plan to destroy [xandram] using the money I get from that. Damn you, [xandram], damn you! <salms down another shotglass> POP! Mine nose! Oh, yip yip! Oh, mine nose!
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 17 2006

Oh, yeah, I almost forget +

By the way- How do you keep the bottom of the glass from shattering out or, if there is no glass on the interior bottom

How do you keep it from leaking into the confetti mix?
-- NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 17 2006

What's that chemical that goes pop when it is brought into sharp contact with itself (or maybe another chemical) I've seen little paper twists of it thrown at walls etc, where it goes "snap" - or in some cases, a big pair of balls coated with the stuff, that when you clang them together, a small explosion goes off.

I'm thinking a shot-glass with some of that at the bottom, and a similarly outfitted bartop. [+]

And happy anniversary!
-- zen_tom, Nov 17 2006

blackpowder with sand
-- jmvw, Nov 17 2006

by using blast caps you could have a thin plastic barrier,sealed around the edges, that would break easily with the explosion.
-- rascalraidex, Nov 17 2006

//blackpowder with sand// Blackpowder with flint, actually. There are, of course, exploding party poppers (friction detonated powder), but this idea specifies the spring loaded type. Neat idea [+], but I feel for the bartenders, reloading the glasses, cleaning up, etc.

1 year! <lick - gulp - slam - pop - suck>
-- Shz, Nov 17 2006

well, I don't know exactly what to use for the bottom, but maybe a heavy paper or plastic. If the bartenders complain, I'll just leave a big tip!
-- xandram, Nov 18 2006


Sheque pleashe. (hic)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 18 2006

//Blackpowder with flint// Sand coated with potassium chlorate or silver fulminate, according to one find.
-- jmvw, Nov 18 2006

pop goes the weasel ! +
-- xenzag, Nov 18 2006

When i moved to Illinois after hurricane katrina, i found out at new years that you couldn't good fireworks here, in fact, pretty much all you could get was party poppers, snap pops, sparklers and smoke bombs. I don't even think i saw those little crappy tanks that roll about an inch, get stuck, then catch on fire. I was sad.
-- rascalraidex, Nov 18 2006

2.5 qwoissantsh! <lick - gulp - slam - pop - suck>
-- Shz, Nov 19 2006

rascal, I had the fortune to be at a friends place on New Year's Eve in Rotterdam, where it was brightly lit up for hours and people were bringing in fireworks with wheelbarrows. It was loud. Next morning, six inches of red paper. Here in NJ, any fireworks are illegal although snap bangs may excluded. Shz.. :)
-- jmvw, Nov 19 2006

Just buy the 'illegal' ones in New Hampshire, like everyone else. ;->
-- Shz, Nov 19 2006

Yeah, [Shz] I live 2 miles from the NH border. They are legal in NH, so I guess we *smuggle* them across the border to here! I wish I could invite everyone over for exploding drinks and some fireworks...
-- xandram, Nov 19 2006

You can! I'll show.
-- Shz, Nov 20 2006

hmm, if I start working on the shot glasses now, maybe I could be ready by the Fourth of July!
-- xandram, Nov 20 2006

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