Fashion: Protection
Extending Armored Collar   (+1)  [vote for, against]
for the low-profile superhero/vigilante

facemasks are a pain to carry around, pull out of bags in a hurry, and are incriminating.

instead of a standard mask, instead have a coat with a special collar. when tabs at the wrists are pulled, the collar extends out and up to cover the bottom half of the face like a bandanna.

for those who are in situations where armor is needed, the extension to the collar can be created from interlocking ceramic plates. the collar fabric is made of two pieces of fabric with a magnetic seal that is broken when the collar is extended. when collapsed the collar is hidden in the coat.

side effects of this would be a strangely stiff collar when not deployed, and a bit of extra weight resting on the shoulders. to compensate for the extra weight i propose a harness sewn into the coat so that it doubles as a weight distribution/ climbing harness for when rapelling down buildings. you never know when a climbing harness might be useful.
-- tcarson, May 27 2006

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