Fashion: Musical
Eye Cymbals   (+2)  [vote for, against]

Tiny brass plates, one for the upper eyelashes, one for the lower, which crash together with each blink. A wooden "castanet" version would also be available. They can clip-on, or be part of specialized false eyelashes.
-- Amos Kito, Jul 23 2003

Brow Bills http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Brow_20Bills
I think this is why you are thinking of FJ, Doc. [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]

Also available, while stocks last, are the nose Kazzoos.
-- silverstormer, Jul 23 2003

Maraca mascara?
-- phoenix, Jul 23 2003

Now why did I think this was a FarmerJohn idea...?
-- DrCurry, Jul 23 2003

But wouldn't they clash?
-- k_sra, Jul 23 2003

incorporating little mirrors to let you see what you are doing when putting them on. help with the eyemakeup too perhaps. what will you have on your ears to complete the picture?
-- po, Jul 23 2003

-- silverstormer, Jul 23 2003

You could also have Star Trekky Bajoran make-up gourd ridges down the nose.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 23 2003


Yes, ear trumpets.
-- snarfyguy, Jul 23 2003

-- silverstormer, Jul 23 2003

-- snarfyguy, Jul 23 2003

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