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The day you vote on an idea, that vote is worth +1 or -1. After a week, your vote contributes +/-0.9 to the total, after a month that falls to 0.7, after three 0.5, after a year 0.3. If you vote again on the same idea or change your vote, the vote is worth +1 or -1 again. Each vote declines separately without regard to how often you vote on other ideas.

This has the following advantages:

(1) new ideas get a score closer to that of ideas which have been around longer.

(2) votes made on a whim a year ago have less status than votes which are reinforced regularly.

(3) voting on old ideas is spread out over time rather than being concentrated on the first few days of their creation: this will allow for more balanced reflection.

(4) frequent visitors to the site have more effect than people who have given up and ran away.

(5) truly classic ideas will still be able to accumulate high scores.

(6) unlike with other vote normalisation techniques, this recognises that you may vote 'for' more often than 'against', or vice versa.

(7) the site will become a more dynamic entity, changing with time and increasing interest for visitors.

(I have not seen this scheme implemented anywhere, but would be interested if anyone has baked it.)
-- kropotkin, Mar 01 2004

Sounds real messy. I suppose someone will come up with an auto vote-updater, kind of like a automatic withdrawl from your bank acct. . I'd rather see a favorite vote option (but not enough to post it) that each user gets to use once, for their favorite invention. Change it at any time, but it can ever only apply to one idea. Each vote tally would include for, against and favorites (chocolate- dipped croissant?). For a different sense of what people around here think.
-- oxen crossing, Mar 01 2004

Now I’m going to have to log in every day to re-vote for the Orb-it and other nostalgic faves.
-- AO, Mar 01 2004

If this is implemented, I'll have to market an auto-vote-updater for [AO] et al. Just enter a list of your favorites for minute-by-minute updating.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 01 2004

There would not be a serious problem with either an auto-updater, or people logging on every day to refresh their votes. This is because it is far easier to increase your influence by other methods - such as voting from multiple accounts. You could get a greater effect by logging on every three months from someone else's computer and voting from a different account than you could by constantly keeping all your votes topped up to the maximum level. If you want to unduly influence the voting you can under the existing system, and if you do it by small amounts (e.g. less than 10 sock puppet accounts) it is unlikely to be detected.

You could also restrict the updating to once per day or once per week to reduce the effect of rapid updating. I envisage that any system would update totals every day at midnight, so voting more than once per day would be utterly pointless.
-- kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

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