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Fake Wheel Clamps   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Because that Bar-*-d has been stealing your disabled space

Cardboard or plastic wheel clamps, designed to look just like the real thing, just cheaper.
-- miasere, Apr 01 2003

Coyote Ugly
Baked, hollywood has thought of it too. [eion, Oct 05 2004]


Barfered? Bartendered?
-- bristolz, Apr 01 2003

bar star d

Or; bar asterix d. i havent decided yet
-- miasere, Apr 01 2003

Will they come with windscreen obscuring stickers too?
-- oneoffdave, Apr 01 2003

You get a fake parking ticket, and when the person calls up the number on it they are greated by someone who insults their driving/parking/mother
-- miasere, Apr 01 2003

There was a practical jokes type programme on UK TV last week. They homed in on someone incorrectly parked in a disabled space and boxed the car in with wheelchairs chained together.

Alternatively, park across their bumper so they can't get out.
-- egbert, Apr 01 2003

Where I come from, you use a Stanley knife.
-- FloridaManatee, Apr 01 2003

[FloridaManatee] Prison?
-- friendlyfire, Apr 01 2003

you sure they were scottish? [kam]
-- po, Apr 01 2003

I shouldn't have doubted you. I just read that number plate as SCOUSE - which is someone from Liverpool :)

I have seen this done before, too but the only example I can think of, is an episode of Jonathan Creek (UK sleuth drama / comedy)
-- po, Apr 01 2003

I was thinking of using 2-part epoxy to fix the stickers though.
-- oneoffdave, Apr 02 2003

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