Product: Luggage
Fingerprint recognition pockets.   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
pockets that allow only you to access the contents.

Your shirt/pant/jacket pockets may be fitted with thin fingerprint recognisers and inside, they may have seals controllable via a palmtop. when you want to take something from you pockets, you press your thumb and the seal opens for 10 seconds.. and then closes. No Pick Pockets.

The Pant and Jacket pockets are protected with carbonfibre and titanium nets :-)

There will be a additional recognizer - the master lock - for safety. You press it and the other recognizers get locked.. not allowing you yoursleves to unlock others. Unless you unlock the master lock again. This is in case some mobsters force you to open your pocket.. you can act as if the finger recognizers are not working.
-- kamathln, Nov 15 2005

Bun for use of "mobsters", but I fear that such brigands and ne'er-do-wells would simply cut the pockets open.
-- friendlyfire, Nov 15 2005

I forsee a practical joke situation arising from the taylor shop floor,add fingerprint recognition zippers to the front of mens pants.
-- skinflaps, Nov 15 2005

My Pant and Jacket pockets are protected with carbonfibre and titanium nets :-)
-- kamathln, Nov 15 2005

skinflaps: The zip handle itself might carry the recognizer :-0-)
-- kamathln, Nov 15 2005

... and if you are forced by mobsters (who can be easily recognized and avoided, by the way, by their habit of always wearing a homburg and spats), you could use your middle finger on the recognizer as a 'panic PIN'.
-- moomintroll, Nov 15 2005

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