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Computer: Display
Fingerprint touch screen   (+3)  [vote for, against]
A Touch Screen With the Capability to recognise fingerprints

Imagine a screen that could tell the difference between the fingers you use to touch a screen.

You could do different stuff with each finger (drawing, left-click, right-click, selecting text).
If a friend touches you screen it would draw in a different color, or not work at all, thereby rendering all passwords useless, as when you touch you fingerprint is instantly recognized.
A laptop would be just a screen, no moving parts, just the touch screen.

We would have a fresh new look computer, and awesome computer games, and a total new user interface.
-- IceFest, Nov 24 2007

What if you cut your finger? And do the ends of my thumbs have a recognizable fingerprint?
-- MisterQED, Nov 24 2007

We have 10 fingers, if one gets cut the database gets corrected, police can use parts of fingerprints so it should work .
-- IceFest, Nov 24 2007

I don't belive so. Still, the idea is good. And, with a really good processor, it might work. Granted, it would have some lag, but that can be fixed in the next few years.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 24 2007

Seven years later, this might actually be happening....
-- IceFest, Mar 01 2014

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